My first Star Wars experience.

In the summer of ’82, approaching my 5th birthday, I was flicking through the Argos catalogue at a family friend’s house.  I probably couldn’t competently read at that age so I would have just been looking at pictures trying to find something that I could pester my parents into buying for me.

To this day I can remember turning the page and seeing what I thought was a white robot, a grey and green robot, a black robot, and a man with his winter coat on.  For whatever reason it was love at first sight.  I didn’t know what they were but I had to have them.  Something in my four-year old brain told me these figures were the coolest thing in existence.  I had no idea they were based on a film.  I don’t recall ever hearing the words Star Wars before this time.  This was literally a life changing experience.

My Mum told me I wouldn’t want to play with dolls.  My Dad said it would just be a fad.  But at the age of four I clearly knew better than both of them.  I obviously pestered them enough as I got that pack of four figures for my birthday.  Later that year I saw the original film when it had it’s TV premiere and that sealed my fate.  35 years later I still have those four dolls and the Star Wars fad has yet to end.


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