What might we see at D23?

With Lucasfilm announcing that they would not have a presence at San Diego Comic Con this year, as well as there being no Star Wars Celebration in 2018, all eyes are on this years D23 Expo. But what will be seeing this weekend? Will this weekend be the moment that we finally get the announcement of a ‘Dex’s Diner’ Anthology film? or maybe even a reveal that Snoke is in fact Rey’s sister twice removed? Well the wait is nearly over and we’re mere days away from some announcements so let’s dive head first into speculation like Palpatine and some would-be Jedi assassins.


Friday, July 14

The first day of the Expo will be entirely free of any kind of reveals instead it will serve to honour both Mark Hamill and the late Carrie Fisher in the Disney Legends Awards Ceremony. Expect some tearjerkers here as many will pay tribute to Carrie and her work within Star Wars. It’s always nice as well to see Mark Hamill receive any accolades from a man with a resume as impressive as his, he hardly gets as much recognition as he deserves so this will be good to see.


But hey Friday will more or less be a day of silently preparing and contemplating as all the rumour mill’s in our heads go into overdrive.

Saturday, July 15

So this the day we’ve been waiting for, like Sheev finally getting to execute Order 66 Saturday is the day the wait comes to an end. The Walt Disney Studio’s Live Action Films panel begins the day and this is where things get really interesting.

star wars episode 8

The Last Jedi will no doubt dominate proceedings for Lucasfilm, with the Han Solo mess and the film less than half a year away the marketing machine with finally begin to chug away. The news already broke that we were not likely to get a fresh trailer for The Last Jedi rather a Behind-The-Scenes Sizzle reel akin to those we previously received for The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Which although not a bad thing, I’m sure there will be some fans that will be disappointed. But these sizzle reel’s are always really special, getting to see behind the scenes, and get glimpses of background characters and places that we will soon adore is all part of the magic.


Rian Johnson is already confirmed to appear and we will likely have interviews with him and members of the cast, perhaps even a first glimpse at a new poster for the film?


The as yet untitled Han Solo film will likely see it’s title revealed, and possibly a small teaser within that reveal. I think it’s unlikely we’ll get a trailer due to the recent drama, maybe a video message from Ron Howard as they have just reconvened shooting for the film.

Due to the earlier leak of images of Han Solo and Woody Harrelson’s character we may get some official character images. Hopefully having a look at Donald Glover’s Lando and the as yet unnamed characters of Emilia Clarke and Phoebe Waller-Bridge.


It was also mentioned that around this time Lucasfilm would have finally decided on the next anthology film to be released following on from Episode 9. So there is a chance that at D23 we finally are given the story or character that will be the focus of that film. Could it be that fans are finally going to get the Obi-Wan Kenobi film that they’ve been clamouring for? or maybe our favourite Mandalorian Boba Fett will get the film that actually fleshes out his character a bit more than the films have previously allowed.


Saturday will also give us an update on Disney Parks and Resorts, so we are likely to hear more about the Star Wars Land. Which is honestly the place of my dreams, the sooner that this theme park is open for me the sooner I can go broke on ticket and merchandise. With a planned full scale Millennium Falcon to be there this place is going to be awesome


Star Wars Battlefront II will also have a panel featuring leading lady Janina Gavankar and many more. Hopefully we finally get a glimpse at some single player footage from the game as EA Play has completely sold us on the Multiplayer!

Well there’s some healthy speculation if I’m not mistaken, we will of course at Tosche Station bring you a full review of D23 as well news from the Expo. So make sure you keep checking back with us for the latest!

What are you hoping to see at D23? Are there any Anthology films that you really don’t wanna see? Let us know in the comments!


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